How to locate the DADS Plus CICS fixes on the Broadcom web site?
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How to locate the DADS Plus CICS fixes on the Broadcom web site?


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The client would like to download and apply the latest DADS Plus CICS GA fixes. How do I locate the DADS Plus fixes on the Broadcom website?





To locate the fixes please try the following.

You are on this link after you sign on to the CA- Broadcom web site.

On this Web page are SIX boxes. Please left click on the upper left hand corner box labeled

Mainframe Software

You will then be on link

On this web page click on the Middle TOP box label Product Downloads

On this web page In the Search Your Product BOX enter DADS and select DADS Plus.

If you do not see DADS as an available product after searching for it  then the site ID you are using is not licensed for DADS Plus. You must find the site ID associated with the DADS Plus license. Then you can use the CHAT to request additional site access add to your Broadcom sign on.  

Now you are on Link

On this screen left click on SOLUTION DOWNLOAD and SOLUTION DOWNLOAD gets underlined

Now left click on 4.0 in the release column

Now you will see the DADS Plus fixes

I then add the fixes to my CART and click on the CART to complete the order. When the order is ready I download the fix zip file to my laptop and unzip the file. Then I upload the fixes to the mainframe BINARY into a  PDS dataset.