Tracking transaction on Interval Control
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Tracking transaction on Interval Control


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We have a need to track transactions which are on the ICE chain and restart the transactions if they fail. 

We had situation where Transactions on ICE fail when DB2 crashed and they had to be manually restarted to put them back to ICE chain.

We would like to know if SYSVIEW monitor can be used to monitor a tran  that has not run for a certain interval, is not actively scheduled in the ICE chain, and later take an action to start it so no manual intervention is required.



Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


Metric TSUMELAP and threshold definition option OPS/MVS event notification will achieve what you're asking

TSUMELAP is the elapsed time since SYSVIEW had last seen the transaction run.   

The example threshold definition below will be triggered if it 3 minutes had passed since transaction CATR in region SYSVC690 was last run. 

When the threshold is triggered, event CAGSVY0001 is sent to OPS/MVS. You can handle the event from the OPS/MVS side to start the transaction or any other logic decisions you need to make based on the monitoring data provided by SYSVIEW.  

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| Variable  Jobname   Resource1 Resource2                                     |
| TSUMELAP  SYSVC690  CATR____  ________                                      |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
| Description     Transaction summary - Elapsed time______                    |
| Attributes-----------------  Notification----------  Event Capture--------- |
| Rule Type       UPPER___     WTO Message YES         Trigger Level NONE____ |
| Type            TRANSUMM     Log Message YES         Interval      00:15:00 |
| Trigger Level   STATUS__     SMF Record  YES         Event Member  *_______ |
| Problem Limit   00:03:00                                                    |
| Warning Limit   00:00:00     OPS/MVS---------------  GSS Intelligent Module |
| Warning Pct     80_          Notify      YES_        Run   NO_              |
| Duration        2__          Event ID    CAGSVY0001  IMOD  *_______________ |
| Alert Priority  0__                                                         |
| Disabled        NO_          SNMP Trap-------------  Transaction Cancel---- |
| Schedule-------------------  Send        NO_         Cancel Action NONE     |
| Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat  Group List  *_______    Cancel Limit           |
| SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT                                                 |
| Begin Time 00:00:00________                                                 |
| End Time   23:59:59________                                                 |
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