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Why am I getting the R19 version of SYSVIEW for DB2 while accessing the R20 version?


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After upgrading Sysview for DB2 from R19 to R20, and then going into R20 IDB2 (IS) via the R20 version of the DB2 Tools' RSPMAIN menu, why does the IDB2 main menu panel show R19?


Release : 20.0

Component : CA Insight Database Performance Monitor for DB for z/OS


The clist being called from the NSIGHT clist (NSIGHT is called when 'IS' is invoked from the RSPMAIN menu), and in this case, NSIGHT was calling INDB2UN9, still referenced the R19 allocations.


The INDB2UN9 clist needed to be modified to reflect the current R20 allocations.  This includes the SYSPARM and APPLS allocations.