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Service Virtualization DevTest - Publish a message on Google Cloud PubSub Topic


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


Have a requirement to publish a message on Google Cloud PubSub Topic from DevTest.

But I did not find any option to do the same in DevTest.

Can you please provide us some feature or help in resolving this issue as we have to develop a virtual service which has to publish a message on PubSub Topic.

Have project_Id and Topic_Id and the message to be published.


All supported DevTest releases.




Have not used it but the documentation is here

You could create a JavaScript step and execute it.

You will need Credentials from Google sample script we got from:

See attached file Google-Pu-SubJS.txt

It is really just a REST call, but the Oath means you have to get a Token first.

Rename to Google-Pu-SubJS.txt to Google-Pu-SubJS.js

But it is just a sample not a solution.

If this does not work, suggest you post this requirement on the Service Virtualization Communities forum:


1588343768118__Google-Pu-SubJS.txt get_app