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How do we delete an output entry that has been spooled to JMR?


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Accidently spooled some output to JMR, how do we delete the output from JMR?


z/OS any level
CA JMR 4.6


JMR does not have a specific delete function to actually remove the output from the DAILY file.

You can edit the INDEX entry for the specific job. It is not a recommended policy but the this can be completed. This will resolve the ability to locate the job output. No user will be able to display the job within JMR.

If you want to also delete the job data from the file then do find on JOBNAME= to locate the specific job name and then delete this entry with a block delete to delete all lines down to the next JOBNAME= statement you see.

This way you have deleted the entry in the index and the daily joblog file.

Note, this activity must be done when JMR is not running.