Identity Portal Session Idle Timeout
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Identity Portal Session Idle Timeout


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I am using vApp and I would like to know the following:

Q1. What is the current Identity Portal session idle timeout value ?

Q2. Can this session idle time out value be change ?


Release : 14.x



Q1. what is the current Identity Portal session idle time out value ?
A1. 20 min

Q2. Can this session idle time out value be change ?
A2. For Versions prior to 14.4 there is no configuration can change the session timeout.   
Starting in Portal 14.4 the User Session timeout is configurable in the Portal Management console. 

Additional Information

On vApp, while IM and IG session timeout can be configured/customized based on the following documentation, at this moment this is not applicable for IP.

For STAND ALONE PORTAL versions prior to 14.4:

You could update the web.xml to increase the timeout:
the web.xml is located in the the sigma war - if you change it to zip and unzip it you will  find \sigma\WEB-INF\web.xml
you can then alter the timeout in that file:


the save and rename back to sigma.war and restart the Portal to increase the timeout. 

Unfortunately, on vApp IP's sigma.war is not exploded and 'config' user has no privilege to change it.

PORTAL 14.4 has introduced a session timeout configuration option directly in the Management Console which allows configuration for both stand alone and VAPP environments. 

Identity Portal has introduced a configurable session timeout property in the Admin UI at SETUP > General Configuration > System > Session Timeout (in Minutes). The user session ends if the computer is idle for the amount of time that is configured in the Session Timeout property. The default value is 20 minutes. A change in the session timeout value will be applicable to all the newly created user sessions.