Setting JAVA_HOME and PATH in Linux Server
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Setting JAVA_HOME and PATH in Linux Server


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Clarity PPM On Premise


On Linux, how to setup the JAVA_HOME and PATH?


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  1. Please open $clarity/config/properties.xml and ensure the attribute java home is pointing to the right directory, then restart and retry. This is the path taken by all the conf files.
  2. Make sure your JAVA_HOME variable is not getting in the way, check what's the current setup of JAVA_HOME and PATH and ensure both have the correct value. Here is the steps:
    Linux: To update the environment variables on Linux, edit the user (.profile) file and add or modify the following system variables:
    JAVA_HOME: Shell scripts use this variable to locate the correct Java home directory. For example:
    JAVA_HOME=/<Java home directory>
    export JAVA_HOME
    PATH: Locates the command-line utilities. Add the following information to the beginning of the existing PATH system variable:
    PATH=/<clarity home>/bin:$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
    export PATH
    After correcting the environmental variables, reopen shell and try again.