fetchmsg performance and scalability concerns
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fetchmsg performance and scalability concerns


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The fetchmsg probe sometimes regenerates old alarm messages that were already processed.


Release: UIM v9.0.2 or higher
Component : UIM - FETCHMSG
fetchmsg, any version.


- scalability, need for fine-tuning the configuration/message profiles


Steps taken to resolve the issue of alarm regeneration by the fetchmsg probe:

  1. 'paring down'/reducing of the number of profiles
  2. Only messages with severity >= specifies the minimum severity level of the messages that are retrieved for monitoring. The value must be between 0 to 99, where 99 is the most severe. You can also override this setting during a specific profile configuration. Default: 0 The customer used >=60 to override any profiles that needed more specific message configuration thereby limiting the number of message processed per minute which seemed to be causing old alarms to be generated. After fine-tuning the probe profiles, the issue did not occur.
  3. Optimizing any regex filters for the messages