Can SystemEDGE JRE instance be upgraded?
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Can SystemEDGE JRE instance be upgraded?


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SystemEDGE 5.9 is packaged with private JRE which is version Java 1.7.0_72.

Can this be manually upgraded a newer more compliant version such as Java 1.7.0_75?


Release : 10.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


  • You can manually update the embedded jre packaged with SystemEDGE.
1.  Stop SystemEDGE.
2.  Take a Backup copy of the SystemEDGE\jre folder.
3.  Update SystemEDGE\jre binaries with new version.
4.  Start SystemEDGE.

  • If you are using the SRM AIM you can also edit the file to map to a more recent public jre if that is installed on the system.
# Location of the Java executable

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