RCS: Information about 'SY' Object type
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RCS: Information about 'SY' Object type


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 In  RC/Secure there is an object type of 'SY':

    What is the object (System) SY?

   What does having access to the object (SYSTEM) give a user?



Release : 20.0

Component : CA RC/Secure for DB2 for z/OS


What does having access to the object (SYSTEM) give a user?

Just having an object (SYSTEM) in the application domain will not give access to anything. The system privilege has to be selected to Grant to an ID. 

Selected privileges can be seen using the 'E' line command next to 'SY'.  

What is the object (SYSTEM)?

The object (SYSTEM) represents the SYSTEM privileges applied to certain system-wide operations,

Examples are: creating a new database, executing a command or utility and other system level authorities.

The following table correlates to what is seen when adding an 'SY' object type:

                                   RC/S Authorization Selection
       CREATE                          COMMANDS          UTL           SYS
   +--------------------------+    + -----------------------+    +-+    +-------------------+
   B   B   D   D   S   A   T       A   D   R   B   T   S      S      M   M   O   C   A
   A   A   B   B   G   L   M      R    I    E   S   R   T      T      O   O    P   T    D
   D   G   A   C       I     T       C   S   C   D   A   O     O      N   N    R   R   M
   D   T                   S   B       H   P   V   S   C   P               1   2          L

Additional Information

Detail on System privileges can be found in the RC/Secure documentation under:  SYSTEM PRIVILEGES.