APM 10.7 SP3 ACC package does not contain Agent NoRedefNoRetrans.profile
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APM 10.7 SP3 ACC package does not contain Agent NoRedefNoRetrans.profile


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE DX Application Performance Management


The APM 10.7 SP3 ACC package is missing the Agent NoRedefNoRetrans.profile.


Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents


By design.

Users may need to re-package the ACC bundle according to the requirements for their environment.


Explanation from Engineering:


  • NoRedef refers to the Broadcom Support downloaded Introscope Agent All App servers No Installer file. (e.g. IntroscopeAgentFiles-NoInstaller10.7.0.197allappserver.unix.tar inside of GEN500000000000898.tar.)
  • ACC refers to an Agent Package created using Unix WebSphere NoRedef process selection.
  • Both Agents are version (SP3)

The NoRedef profile includes Browser Agent and LeakHunter so there are some properties from those extensions, but they are disabled by default.

Differences in Agent profile properties:


  • introscope.agent.appmap.enabled=false
  • introscope.agent.extensions.bundles.mode=dynamic
  • introscope.agent.pmi.enable.jvmpiModule=false
  • introscope.agent.pmi.enable.SCAStats.RootGroup=false
  • introscope.agent.pmi.enable.WBIStats.RootGroup=false
  • introscope.agent.websphere.crossjvm=false


  • com.wily.introscope.agent.soa.mapdependency.enabled=false
  • introscope.agent.leakhunter.*
  • introscope.agent.nio.*

Differences in Toggles (PBDs):


  • TurnOn: ServletFilterTracing
  • TurnOn: JNDITracing
  • TurnOn: BizRecordingServletTracing
  • TurnOn: BizRecordingServletResponseTracing

NoRedef – these are actually for Tomcat:

  • TurnOn: ApacheStandardSessionTracing
  • TurnOn: AuthenticationTracing
  • TurnOn: PersistentSessionTracing
  • TurnOn: ServerInfoTracing
  • TurnOn: SuperpagesSessionTracing
  • TurnOn: ThreadPoolTracing
  • TurnOn: UnformattedSessionTracing

NoRedef also includes a java${JVMCOMPATIBILITY}socket.pbd.

What seems to be most interesting is that the toggles file in the ACC package has compared with the NoRedef -- JNDI and ServletFilterTracing.

Creating a package using ACC that is similar to NoRedef, the most similarities occurred when the following changes were applied to the ACC package:

  • Add Browser Agent bundle
  • Add LeakHunter bundle
  • Remove JNDI bundle
  • Remove Servlets & JSPs bundle

There are still some differences in Toggles that cannot be made in ACC:

  • NoRedef containing Tomcat toggles
  • NoRedef missing ServlerFilterTracing

Regarding the Agent profile, with the exception of changes in the BrowserAgent and LeakHunter extension properties (which should be disabled by default), there are only some minor differences that do not look dangerous.