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An ENDEVOR processor using BSTCOPY fails with FCO414A message and CC=08


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The problem only occurs if all of the following are true :

  1. CA-ENDEVOR and CA-PDSMAN are both active

  2. CA-PDSMAN rules include: $IEBCOPY PGM=BSTCOPY

  3. an ENDEVOR processor step does the following two things:

    1. invokes the BSTCOPY utility

    2. the input DD is a concatenation, either by explicit DD specification, or via ALLOC=LMAP (or PMAP)

In case of concatenated input , FASTCOPY will display :



Native ENDEVOR BSTCOPY honors concatenated input.

This can be useful when using the ALLOC=LMAP/PMAP processor feature. Input concatenation is, however, not supported by FASTCOPY (nor IEBCOPY).

ENDEVOR's ALLOC=xMAP operand results in generating the input DD as a concatenation of data sets.

This is not a limitation in ALLOC=xMAP, but a limitation in copying from concatenated libraries.

 	ALLOC=PMAP or ALLOC=LMAP are two ways to concatenate libraries amongst others. 

To facilitate concatenated input, it is, therefore, a requirement to use BSTCOPY in native ENDEVOR mode, and hence NOT replace BSTCOPY with FASTCOPY.

This can be achieved by removing the following CA-PDSMAN rule, , which when present causes CA-PDSMAN to replace BSTCOPY with FASTCOPY:


It is also possible to add a //FCOPYOFF DD DUMMY to specific processor steps as an alternative, so that one still can make use of FASTCOPY in general.


Component: ENDBAS