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DDMDB database conversion from myisam to innodb after upgraded from Spectrum 10.4.x


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CA Spectrum


Recently upgraded Spectrum to 10.4.1 and want to convert the DDMDB database from MyISAM to the newer InnoDB engine type.

However, as the requirements state, there should be approximately 3x the amount of disk space overhear of the largest table, to allow buffer room for the conversion. On this server there is not enough disk space. Can we run the conversion on another server and import the converted back into the original 10.4.1 machine?


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


There is not enough disk space on a 10.4.1 server to run InnoDB conversion


- Using DDM_save and DDM_load utilities, you can export and import DDMDB databases. 

- Use DDM_Save to export the original 10.4.1 DDMDB database. 

- Copy the saved DDMDB file to the 10.4.1 server with the additional disk space

- Run the conversion tool

- Copy the converted database back to the original 10.4.1 server

- Use DDM_Load to import the converted DDMDB