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CA Deliver - When Defining a New Report, What ARCH parameter should be in the RMOPARMS?


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Deliver View


The client is defining a new report in CA Deliver, and wants to know what ARCHn parameter, in the Report Definition "ARCH ==> n" field should be used.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


In the Deliver RMOPARMS:

. The ARCHn=... parameters define to where Deliver will be sending the report for archiving.

To determine which ARCH and ARCHn parameters are in use:

. Attach to a running Deliver RMOSTC task, and issue command "/F rmostc,DISPLAY".

As the ARCHn=... parameters define how reports are sent for archiving, the parameters either point to a View database (for direct-writing), or to a class/dest/form combination, to be picked up by CA View, or a similar product.

In a Deliver Report Definition, there is the "ARCH ==> n" field, where the "n" of "ARCHn" is noted.

RMOPARM ARCH=n means that, if no ARCH ==> value is specified, that value will be assigned, for ARCHn.

A Deliver database can have, up to 99 ARCHnn definitions.