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Client Automation - Engine Collect Job performance for Status information files


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Engine is taking long time to collect Status Information. There are big delay in collect of Status information files for some machines.

Example :
There are several minutes between 2 lines :

2020-04-09 01:55:43 Status information updated for computer1
2020-04-09 02:02:32 Status information updated for computer2
2020-04-09 02:02:35 Status information updated for computer3
2020-04-09 02:09:24 Status information updated for computer4
2020-04-09 02:16:15 Status information updated for computer5


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This problem occurs for AM Agents on Linux/Unix which executes Asset Job of type Script containing command SetComment.

SetComment function generates a file .S00 on the sector and Engine has problem to collect these files. There is a delay of 15 seconds during attempt of collect of one file .S*

If AM Agent executes a lot of Script Asset Job containing SetComment, several .S* files could be generated on sector. And Engine could take several minutes trying to collect all these files.


SetComment function in DMS Script does not work properly on Unix/Linux

Update the Script Asset Job and remove or comment all lines SetComment