AEDBADMIN question from DBAs
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AEDBADMIN question from DBAs


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE


The user AEDBADMIN had the SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE which we do not generally grant – is this required and why?

Tablespace names have been changed to reflect our standards – it shouldn’t have any impact, but please verify

With Oracle 19, we have the ability to create schema accounts without passwords – does the application connect as AEDBADMIN or does it use the AUTOSYS account?   AEDBADMIN would be considered a schema account

There is an Oracle client currently installed on the database server.  How is this used and will you require a 32 or 64 bit version of the client?


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


AutoSys currently is a 32bit application and needs a 32bit Oracle client until AutoSys r12.
The database autosys can connect to can be 32 or 64bit.
Oracle 19c is supported.
As long as the local Oracle 32bit client on the autosys host can connect to your remote oracle datbase, autosys should be fine.

Regarding aedbadmin. It is the schema owner. It is used during installs, patching and upgrades.
During those activities you are prompted for a password.
It will expect / try to use one.

The SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE is needed during the install/patching/upgrading process as it
queries tables such as dba_tables as part of its process to confirm what is or is not present.
NOTE - We do have some clients that revoke some privileges or aedbadmin during normal time but understand
that they would need to re-enable / activate what they disabled at the time of their
future install/patching/upgrading. Officially we recommend / support what the install
puts down / configures for you. If you make adjustments made afterward you assume
the risks and responsibilities going forward. If you do make any adjustments
please make sure to document them within your processes/documentation so you can
refer to them later as needed.

If you rename a tablespace after the install the product should still be fine.
You would potentially need to update the database user's (aedbadmin and autosys)
default / temporary tablespace values in the db to reflect the new name.
And adjust the
file so if/when patching/upgrades happen in the future they have the correct values.

As for the aedbadmin account vs the autosys account.
The install/patching/upgrading processes use aedbadmin.
The actual product once it is installed and up and running uses autosys to connect to the db and the it issues an