Interface metrics all show 0%
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Interface metrics all show 0%


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Interfaces from Firewalls that are showing 0% for all metrics.


All supported Performance Management releases


The ifSpeed and ifHighSpeed values for the interfaces are set with zero for the configured speed.

This was observed by enabling the Detailed Poll Logging for a device showing the issue via the DA_HOST:8581/dcdebug page.

This showed us in the Detailed Poll Logging, using sample interface index 46 poll responses, zero values returned from the device.

From the standard/low speed ifSpeed OID:

  • Apr 29 16:42:26.436: = 0

From the high speed ifHighSpeed OID:

  • Apr 29 16:42:26.436: = 0


Note that this can be observed for any interface from any device that is missing the speed value or shows a zero.

Resolve the issue on the device such that the MIB OIDs for ifSpeed and/or ifHighSpeed reflect the correct speed configured for the interface.

Once that is resolved, Change Detection cycles, or Update Metric Family for the devices Interface Metric Family entry, will update the devices Speed.

After that the next poll cycles should begin to show valid data for the metrics with a Speed value to use in it's calculations of the throughput metrics.