How to activate my product login after migration from NSL?
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How to activate my product login after migration from NSL?


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This article will show you how to activate Broadcom Account after migration from NSL (Norton Secure Login) platform to new platform.


As part of the ongoing migration from Symantec to Broadcom systems, Symantec products that currently rely on NSL (Norton Secure Login) as their Identity Provider will be transitioning to Okta. As a result, active users NSL accounts will be migrated to the new platform and users wil require to re-activate their account via a password reset link before authenticating to their respective product portals.

Impacted products include CASB, CMES, CWP/CWA/SPE, DLP, ESS, ICDM, ICE, SEP (cloud, mobile, SBE, SEPM), WebPulse, WSS.

Note: See below for FAQ and Help

  • Active Non-federated, Federated (generic admin) and Federated (Endpoint) users must have received emails from: [email protected] with the activation link. If you haven't received any activation email, please use the following options to get help with activation, login, or password reset.
  • Once you receive an email with the activation link - titled "Broadcom Inc - Welcome to Broadcom Single Signon" from “[email protected]". Open the email and click the "Activate SSO Account" link.

Note: Emails could be in spam or junk folders or could be blocked by your email administrator. Please ensure [email protected] is white-listed. If you need help getting activated, please use the following tools to resend or assist activate your account

  • Fill out the Activation Form by setting your password and other security settings. When you’re complete, click the “Create My Account” button.

  • After the Basic Broadcom User Account is created by following the steps mentioned above, you will then need to upgrade to Enterprise account. To become an enterprise user, please update your profile by using the link

    Note: Site Id is not required to become an Enterprise user. Please fill out the rest of the profile with you address information. Once complete, you will get a notification with the status of your access.

For details, please refer to Symantec ICD Platform NSL to Okta Migration Notice


Q: I set up my account, but I still cannot log in or getting message ""We are sorry... we can't find a company account that is associated with your email address xxxxxxxxx To create a trial account, please register here".
A: There was a mistake in the original Activation email that directed all to log into after activating your profile, there are different portals for SBE and WSS that were not listed. If you use SBE or WSS and attempt to log into you may get this error. Instead, please use the proper portal listed below.

Product Link Product All other Products SBE WSS

Q: I attempted to reset my password, but when I get the email with the temporary password I'm still not able to log in or get message "Sign in failed"
A: When receiving the temporary password and signing in, make sure that to not accidentally copy a leading or trailing space with the temp password or try typing the temp password manually. The password field is space sensitive and will fail if it recognizes a space copied. 

Q: I never received an activation email.
A: Please check your Spam, Junk, or Corporate Spam folders. If the email cannot be found, please verify with your email admin to verify the email address is white listed as the emails may be blocked. Activation emails would come from [email protected] The Broadcom Self Service Bot can assist with activation issues and guide you through activating your account to resend the email.

Q: We use our own IDP, but I'm getting redirected to a page labeled "Avago".
A: We are currently working on updating this, but you can enter your email address which will redirect you back to your IDP. The Avago is the previous name of Broadcom.

Q: We use our own IDP, but I'm unable to log in.
A: It's possible you landed at instead of your product. Try going back through the steps you would normally use to log into your product.


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