Users getting 'You are not protected' message accessing
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Users getting 'You are not protected' message accessing


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Users accessing WSS using Explicit Access method, but accessing from a browser indicates that the user is not protected.

Accessing from the same browser shows the user is protected as well as the data center/pod the user is connected to


All Access methods including Explicit/Proxy Forwarding/SEP WTR, UA/WSSA/SEP Mobile or IPSEC

TLS/SSL inspection disabled for many domains including


The back end Web server needs to get some information from the WSS Proxy in order to return the protection level and pod details.

With TLS/SSL inspection disabled, the additional information (added by the proxy in the form of http header fields) is missing so the processing cannot identify if / which pod is used.


  1. If you use to check whether you are being protected the result is always going to be accurate
  2. Make sure that TLS/SSL inspection is enabled for domain when using https to check protection status