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What Oracle Linux versions does NetOps Performance Management support


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What are the versions of Oracle Linux supported for use with the NetOps Performance Management product?

Does NetOps Performance Management support the Oracle Linux OS?

Can we move from RedHat Linux to Oracle Linux for NetOps Performance Management?


All supported Performance Management releases


Internal company requirements are driving a move from RedHat Linux to Oracle Linux.


The current 22.2.x release series supports the following Oracle Linux (OL) Operating Systems.

  • Tested support for:
    • OL 7.3 (Red Hat-compatible kernel version only)
    • OL 7.3 (kernel version 3.10.0-514)
  • 'Should work' support for:
    • OL 7.3 and higher

These are the only tested and fully supported releases of Oracle Linux recommended for use with NetOps Performance Management.

No testing has been performed for OL 8.x releases.

For the latest supported Operating Systems please review the current Operating System Requirements section in the Installation Requirements and Considerations documentation topic.