After upgrading to DBC 14.0, Datacom CICS Services DBOC transaction abends with ACRD.


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After upgrade to Datacom CICS Services (DBC) from 11.0 to 14.0, transactions DDOL, DQRY, and IDEA are working.

However, transcation DBOC results in error:

DFHAC2206 hh:mm:ss jjjjjjjjjj Transaction DBOC failed with abend ACRD. Updates to local recoverable resources backed out.


Abend ACRD means:

Explanation: The system entry for the system to which routing is to be performed could not be found.

System Action: The task is abnormally terminated with a CICS transaction dump.

User Response: Check the installed transaction definition to confirm that the system was correctly specified. Check that the system entry is defined in the TCT.

  • If this is occurring in a CICS MRO configuration, check the system names in the Datacom CICS Service Facility CSD.

  • If this is occurring in a non-MRO configuration, remove the B114TOR group from CICS Definitions which had been added.

Note, you can check the CICS startup for the following line to determine if the B114TOR group was installed into this CICS region,
hh:mm:ss jjjjjjjj Install for group B114TOR has completed...


Release: DATABB00200-14-Datacom/AD