How to tell what interval settings are in place for SMF and RMF
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How to tell what interval settings are in place for SMF and RMF


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MICS Resource Management


Is there a MICS report or command that will show us which intervals are in place for collecting data?


Release : 14

Component : MICS


There is no specific report that shows the interval settings in place for SMF and RMF.  
However, if you run any of the MICS RMF Post Processing reports against DETAIL data, 
they all show, in the headings area, the interval duration of the interval. 
Also, if you look at any of the step level files (BATPGM, BAT_ST, BAT_TS, BAT_TP, BAT_OE, or BAT_SA) 
and look at records where PGMINTVL='SE22' (full interval record), and look at PGMEXCTM (execution time), 
you will see the interval duration for the various types of address spaces.  
One note---when an address space starts, the 1st SE22 created after the address space starts will be 
a "short" interval because the 1st interval synchronizes with the SYNCH value (e.g., "59").  
So, for 15 minute intervals, for example, if a long running address space starts at 8:12 then the 1st 
interval record would only be 2 minutes duration because it would be cut at 8:14 to SYNCH with the value specified.  
The next interval records would be created at 8:29, 8:44, and 8:59---each with a PGMEXCTM of 15 minutes.
Same with RMF after an IPL---the 1st interval records for the RMF records will be short to synchronize 
with the SYNCH value---after that, all interval records will be full duration.