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Read-only attribute editable in PPM new UX


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Boolean read-only attribute created on the investment object can be edited on New UX. The same field is working correctly in the read-only format in Classic PPM. 

Steps to replicate:

1. Logon to PPM classic UI > Administration > Studio> and create a boolean attribute as read-only under the investment object

2. Switch to the new UX and from Administration > Blueprints edit the project details and add the read-only attribute to this section.

3. Try editing the field from the Project detail page of an existing or new project that is aligned to the Blueprint.

Expected result: 
The field to behave as read-only field like the classic PPM.

Actual result:
The field can be edited from the new UX and update reaches the respective clarity ODF table.  


Release : 15.8



On further troubleshooting it was found that the issue could be replicated on Microsoft edge only. Customer was using edge  - 41.16299.1480.0 and Upgraded Edge Chromium to recommended level.

Clarity PPM 15.8 supports the following web browsers for the new UX:

  • Firefox 72 
  • Google Chrome 80 
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium 80
  • Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0

Additional Information

For additional notes around software compatibility section from TECHDOC