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Spectrum Running and Startup Configs show data reading interruption


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


Some NCM configuration read stops in the middle of the configuration.
Sometimes "running", other times "startup".
No pattern found to understand how this happens.
If they use the same commands but directly in the devices, no problems are detected when reading the configurations.



Release : 9.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


We found that SSH process is terminating at the interface description text.
The # is used for the enable prompt but here also for interface description comments. 

Internally SSH process (system process) will open a channel to the device and wait for output buffer to read the data until the next prompt comes i.e # (since in enable prompt value), so for these problematic devices ssh is terminating at between assuming interface description as the end of config which leads to capture incomplete configuration. 

Recommended the customer to change interface description text not to use a # symbol.