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Data warehouse Time Slices not created for Attribute with Time-varying data type


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Clarity PPM SaaS


I created an attribute on 'Benefit Plan Detail' object with a 'Time-varying' data type, 'Time-varying Type' set to 'Fiscal' and 'Time-varying Data Units' set to Number.
After ticking the 'Include in the Data Warehouse' checkbox the 'Fiscal', 'Weekly' and 'Monthly' Data warehouse' slices
got created on the Time Slices management page.

The attribute got deleted by accident which in turn deleted all the three slices named above.

I recreated the attribute using the same attribute id and name and ticked 'Include in the Data Warehouse' checkbox but this time the 'Fiscal', 'Weekly' and 'Monthly' Data warehouse' slices did not get created.

How can I get the three Slice Requests to be created on the Time Slice management page?


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Component : CA PPM 


The second attempt to recreate the three Slice Requests did not succeed because of an entry first created in the table
DWH_META_COLUMNS in the Clarity PPM database.

To verify this run the following sql statement:

select * from DWH_META_COLUMNS
 where 1 = 1  and  NLS_UPPER(object_code) = NLS_UPPER('benefitplandetail') and NLS_UPPER(attribute_code) = NLS_UPPER('abdcef')

'abcdef' is the attribute id that you insert in the last parameter of the query above.

If a record is returned then it has to be removed. Contact Technical Support

After this when the 'Include in the Data Warehouse' checkbox is ticked, the 'Fiscal', 'Weekly' and 'Monthly' Data warehouse' slices would be recreated again.