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Analytics shows results in UTC time


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When Backend Analyitics reports job executions, by default UTC is used to display the jobs start and end timestamps.


This is due to the architecture of backend analytics.

Backend Analytics is using a java specific backend, that is why it uses the time zone of the JRE.

More to that can be found here;


Any BA version used with the native settings.


Backend analytics cannot be forced to use the Time Zone dedicated to the Job or Workflow object.
The only way to force Backend Analytics to take a Time Zone Reference that comes from One Automation is to assign the TZ either to client object or user object.

Refer therefore to the documentation to read more about this;

Extracted from the link above
To set the TZ for analytics widget you need to define a TZ on the User or Client Level with the name "TZ.CET" (See link above for all supported timezones)

For european customers, the name of the TZ object for the user or client must be either "TZ.CET" or "TZ.MET".