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Missing data for metrics from in DX Netops Performance Management


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Devices/Components are showing "No Data To Display" messages for select metrics. All other metrics show data normally.

When looking at dcdebug for the filtered metrics, the "Poll Response after data processing" shows NULL for the metrics.


DCMResponseVariable [name={}NormalizedPortInfo.UtilizationOut, value=NULL ]


Metric Family metric filtering at the Monitoring Profile level has removed the metric from polling. As a result it's not being polled for the related metric data.

This can be observed in a sample devices Polling Configuration. This can be found via the DA_Host:8581/dcdebug page.

In this example Speed metrics were missing data. When viewing the Polling Configuration for a sample device showing the problem we could see something like this. Note there are 36 metrics collected, none of which are the Speed metrics that were sought.

Polling Config Item ID=1328342
Poll Group ID=6435
Normalized Facet Type={}NormalizedPortInfo
Certification Facet Type={}IfXTableMib
Polled Metrics(36)
Polled Metrics(36)
PollingConfig's DcmID=DC_HOST:DCM_ID
Polled Items(44)

Additionally, when looking at dcdebug Detailed Poll Logging, for the filtered metrics, the "Poll Response after data processing" will show NULL for the filtered metrics.


DCMResponseVariable [name={}NormalizedPortInfo.UtilizationOut, value=NULL ]


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


To resolve this we'd need to do the following. Note this is only possible on custom Monitoring Profiles. Default ones will not allow edits to collected metric lists.

  1. Go to Administration->Monitored Items Management->Monitoring Profiles.
  2. Select the one involved that hosts the related Metric Family.
    1. In this case it is the standard Interface Metric Family whose internal name is NormalizedPortInfo.
    2. Use the Monitoring Profile used to link that Metric Family to devices.
  3. Select the Metric Families tab for the selected Monitoring Profile.
  4. Select the Interface Metric Family from the list.
  5. Select the Edit Collected Metrics button.
    1. Move the desired metrics, the Speed ones in this case, from the 'Available (not collected)' column to the 'Selected (collected)' column.
    2. Select the Save button.
Now we'll again collect data for those metrics so they'll show values in the reports.

Will need to wait 15-20 minutes for the first few poll cycles to pass before data will be seen for the metrics after fixing the problem.