CDM probe generating huge core dumps causing drive full
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CDM probe generating huge core dumps causing drive full


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Our AIX team is seeing some log files filling disk drive as soon as the cdm probe is activated. The files are in the /home/ios/log folder. If I deactivate the CDM probe them we everything seems to be fine and no logs are generating.


UIM 8.5
CDM 6.42
Operating system AIX 6.1 (EOS since 2017)
Robot 7.97


AIX 6.1 is an old operating system EOS since April 2017.

Based on UIM compatibility matrix, CDM probe has been tested in the past on AIX 6.1 prior to the operating system going EOS.

As verified with our Product Management and development, Once an operating system is announced EOS, there is no further testing of existing / new product components / probes on this EOS operating systems.So any probe release version before the  EOS announcement for the Operating System version should be working fine.
AIX 6.1 was announced EOS in April 2017.

Our documentation ( see link below) shows CDM version 5.80 released prior to April 2017.

We strongly encourage using current probe / hotfix versions on currently compatible supported operating systems. If you have a business reason to continue using our old compatible probe versions for EOS AIX 6.1 operating system, please contact support.