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Organizations not available via API Plans page of API portal after migration.


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CA API Developer Portal


We are seeing only 2 organizations in the list when trying to apply an API Plan to an Organization.

We have 15 organisation at all on portal ..

The 2 which ARE working were created on the portal itself.

The 13 which are NOT working are the ones migrated from the 3.5 portal using the internal/migrate-to-apim/admin tool.



Release : 4.4

Component : API PORTAL


In order for organisations to be assigned to API Plans, all APIs (not just some, but every single API in the plan) must be available to those organisations.

So for example:

If you have two organisations  (org A + org B) and org A has only been granted access to "PVT API 1"
and org B has only been granted access to "PVT API 2",
then when creating API Plan X, if both PVT API 1 and PVT API 2 are included, then neither org A or org B will be available.

This model is quite different from the Classic Portal, where the org only needs to be granted access to the PVT API and can then access all plans associated with that API.