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Deleting condition from Alarm Policy does not remove the groups in SSRV2PolicyTargetStatus


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


*** policy_management_ws version: 0.22T4 ***

Groups added in a condition that gets deleted are not removed from the SSRV2PolicyTargetStatus table and never removed at the robot.
The groups cannot still exist in another condition.

You can test this by creating a policy with 3 conditions for 2 different groups: group1, group2 & group3.
Once deployed to all robots, delete one of the conditions and it remains in the SSRV2PolicyTargetStatus table.


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - ALARM POLICY


The policies in ssrv2policytargetstatus may not be deleted as the policy could be corrupted or mismatch of policyprofile blob data when the conditions are deleted.The steps to be taken are as follows

1) Clean up incorrect entries in ssrv2policytargetstatus (clean up steps provided below). The rationale behind this is that , some policies are old and possibility of having incorrect data and getting corrupted.

Some times the policy ( due to policy getting corrupted) may need to be corrected manually if the conditions are deleted and entries are not removed from ssrv2policytargetstatus table.
The following steps are needed to be performed for policy table to be cleaned up.

1) delete from ssrv2policyprofileblob where policy_id =
2) update policy set state = 'NEW' where id =
3) update ssrv2policytargetstatus set status = 'new' where policy_id =