IWA Fail back form login popup windows
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IWA Fail back form login popup windows


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I have setup IWA fail back form (Authentication Chain) with SPS. When a user access the protected page after log in in domain, there is no issue.

When the user access SiteMinder protected page from general computer (not log in the domain), it shows basic login pop up.

May I know how we can remove or hide this basic popup? When I click cancel button, it goes to form login.


Policy Server Version :  12.8 SP3
Policy Server OS and Bit Version : Linux
SPS Version :  12.8 SP3
SPS os and Bit Version : Linux


For IE and Chrome, you need to add the sites as trusted sites and set "user Authentication" to "Automatic login with current user name and password", 

see the following article for doing this: