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CA PIM: upgrade automatic login fails


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CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)


After upgrading PIM EntM from 12.9 SP1/SP2 to 14.0, automatic Login ActiveX upgrade done via automatic login was not done properly.


On 12.9 SP1/SP2, following ActiveX modules are installed by automatic login on client machine:
CA Privileged IdentityManager Automatic Login ActiveX(X64) 12.91.0302
CA Privileged IdentityManager Automatic Login ActiveX(X86) 12.91.0302

However, following ActiveX modules will be installed on 14.0.
CA Access Control Automatic Login ActiveX(X64) 14.01.0417
CA Access Control Automatic Login ActiveX(X86) 14.01.0417

Due to the deference of the product name, the upgrade fails.


Release : 14.0
Component : CA ControlMinder - Privileged Passwords


This is product limitation at this time.
The workaround is to uninstall old Automatic Login ActiveX before automatic login on 14.0 and install 14.0 Automatic Login ActiveX freshly via automatic login.

Additional Information

On 12.9 SP1/SP2, there is a testfix (T5P7391) that changes ActiveX product name returns to CA Access Control Automatic Login ActiveX.
However, it also failed to upgrade to 14.0 Automatic Login ActiveX after applying the testfix.