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Project Tiles display "On Track" badge when no Status Report exists on project


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Every Project you create in New User Experience (UX) states "On Track" although you have not added / created any Status Reports, why is this?


This is by design. Every time you create a new Project in New UX, a Status Report is automatically created on it. So this is where it gets this value, it's the Overall Status on Status Report


Release : All Supported Clarity releases

Component : Clarity Status Reports


Option 1. Leave things as they are and instruct the users to expect this value even for new projects 


Option 2. Disable the display mappings on Overall Status on Status Report

  1. Go to Objects - Status Report - Attributes
  2. Select Overall Status
  3. At the bottom, remove the Display mappings for all selections (Set them back to Select, including the Default color bucket)
  4. Save

Note: This will remove the badge from the Tiles and also the mappings in Classic UX

Additional Information

There is also an option to change the calculation of the attribute Overall Status on Status Report to something that's a negative value and does not fall within the mappings. This is an example of how would this be done:

This does not remove the badge from all the tiles, so the preferred option would be to remove the Display mappings all together.