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DevTest custom extension ParameterList class shown as deprecated in


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CA Cloud Test Mobile CA Application Test


The ParameterList class is shown as deprecated in the
In the DevTest home doc folder, extract
Then open deprecated-list.html
This shows:
Deprecated Classes
Class and Description
Don't use this any more. The data structure you are looking for is a Map. Check Guava and elsewhere for interesting Map implementations that do things basic HashMap's can't. But don't look here. This isn't what you want.
Is there an alternative for ParameterList


Release: 10, all releases

Component: CA Service Virtualization


The ParameterList class is our own implemented class and it is being used in many other functionalities. As of now, we do not have any alternative. 
This class can be used for a custom implementation and we will support it.
The will be updated to reflect this.