The webapps on the dev and prod primary wasp probe are significantly different.
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The webapps on the dev and prod primary wasp probe are significantly different.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When looking at the wasp probe on the DEV Primary hub it looked like UMP was installed. Not sure why that is like that. I disabled the webapps relating to the UMP. Then I compared the webapps that the DEV Primary had to the number of webapps the PROD primary wasp probe had and there are significantly more webapps on the DEV primary hub wasp probe. Why is that and how do we clean it up?


Release : 20.1

Component : UMP


- accidental installation of UMP on the Primary hub


These are the webapps you expect to have on the Primary hub or on any Secondary/remote hub where the wasp is installed, e.g., where youre accessing the admin console.

- mps
- adminconsoleapp
- uimhome

If someone accidentally installs UMP on the Primary hub, you will see a long list of webapps. See screenshot example below.

To remedy this situation, do the following:

1. Stop the Nimsoft Robot Watcher service on the UMP robot
2. Run the appropriate UMP installer on the UIM server (Primary Hub) for the existing UIM version
3. In the 'Select Robot' menu, confirm that the detected robot is the Primary server robot address
4. Select "Launch the uninstaller for UMP…" and complete the UNINSTALL process to uninstall UMP from the Primary hub.
5. Stop the Nimsoft Robot Watcher service on the UIM server
6. Delete the ...\Nimsoft\hub\robot.sds file on the UIM server
7. Start the Nimsoft Robot Watcher on the UIM server

Additional Information

If the process described above is not possible/feasible, you can manually remove the each of the specific UMP-related packages from the Primary hub using the controller probe utility on the Primary by pressing Ctrl-P while you have the controller probe selected. You need to run the inst_package_remove callback and remove all the packages listed in the wasp webapps Tab except for the following packages:

   - mps
   - ROOT
   - adminconsoleapp
   - uimhome


Remove the following UMP-related packages listed below if present, from the Primary hub:

- policyeditor 
- alarmview-api
- slm
- ump-theme
- unifiedreports
- mobile
- mytickets
- accountadmin
- ump-read-only-theme
- reports
- listviewer
- reportscheduler
- webservices-rest  #Check to make sure no one needs this on the Primary
- qoschart
- mcs-ui-app
- cabi
- cloudmonitor
- usm
- listdesigner
- saml-portlet
- operatorconsole_portlet
- slareports
- dashboard
- portal-compat-hook
- relationshipviewer
- servicedesk

As you can see in the list above, these are all UMP webapps/portlets and they do not belong on the Primary hub.