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Change the Monitoring Profile Change Detection Time in CA Performance Management


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When the detection rate is set to 24 hours and the Enable Change Detection box is checked for a Monitoring Profile is it possible to adjust the time of day when that occurs for one device?


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


You can't change the timing, but some other options:

A) Ideally, put the device in a collection that doesn't have Change Detection Enabled for Interface in a Monitoring Profile (MP), and update the MF manually or via rest:

It can't be in ANY collection that has an MP with CD for interface enabled.

B) If you can't isolate the device(s) 

a) Disable CD for the Interface Metric Family:

1. Get the DA item id from the DA Device Admin page.

2. Use a REST GET query to get the value of attribute ChangeDetectionDisabledMFs on the device:


   Where item-id is the item ID of the device that you'd like to disable the change detection.

3. Find the current value of attribute ChangeDetectionDisabledMFs.  

If you don't see any entry of this attribute, it means there is no existing value for this attribute. 
If there is already a disabled Metric Family, say CPU, you may see these values in the Get query:


4. Send a REST PUT query to disable interface change detection:

   URL: http://da-host:8581/rest/devices/item-id
   Method: PUT

  If step 2 shows no current value in ChangeDetectionDisabledMFs, use this body:

<Device version="1.0.0">

If step 2 shows attribute ChangeDetectionDisabledMFs has existing value, say CPU is disabled, append Interface MF to the existing value, like this:


b) You can then update manually or via REST

c) You would then need to re-disable after the update, or CD will be re-enabled.

NOTE: When CD is reenabled, you get a Reconfiguration/Changed event on the device: "Change detection is enabled for metric family ‘Interface’."

Note that if you do use the disable/reenable method, you can see when it is re-enabled either via the event, and/or by doing the get request on the device, to see when the disabled entry disappears.

That will give you an idea of how long it takes