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CA IT Process Automation - Queuing mechanism for sending emails


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CA Process Automation Base Process Automation Manager


Outlook365 is limiting the number of emails that can be sent at a single time. Because of that, some messages are not being sent, and there is no way to send them again. Is there any queuing mechanism in CA IT Process Automation for sending a high amount of emails? It would provide a way to keep messages at a specific folder e.g., mail_queue, while they wait for a new attempt to be sent.


Release : 4.3
Component : Process Automation


CA IT Process Automation does not have an internal mail queue. You can build something like this into your mail processes, and you will be able to get back and record "undelivered emails." A better option would be to build your mail processes to create lists of emails in batches that are smaller than the Outlook365 limit.

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