Discrepancies Between CAPC Group And Dashboard View
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Discrepancies Between CAPC Group And Dashboard View


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In CAPC the number of interfaces in a group is different to what is reported in a dashboard view.  For example in this scenario the customer reported CAPC group has interface items a, b, c, and d.  When running a dashboard report for the same group it displays items a, b, c, d and e. 


DX Performance Mangement


Group information is out of sync between DA and CAPC. 


The focus is on the items in the DA dashboard.  Therefore add the missing interface(s) back in to the CAPC group. Then let the system synchronise (do not perform a manual sync).  Once you see the interfaces displayed matches dashboard and group then delete the unwanted interface(s) from the CAPC group.  Once again let the system perform a synchronisation. You should see the CAPC group and the dashboard report are now in synchronised in relation to the interfaces.   Note:  This is the simplest resolution and may or may not work for all scenarios.