Unable to open VMware probe
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Unable to open VMware probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When trying to open the VMware probe it throws the error 'Problem connecting to the probe' and 'Failed to get data from TCP stream.'

This happens frequently and the resources which are configured inside the probe are not responding.


Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - VMWARE 7.14

Infrastructure Manager


- configuration, sizing


Deploy the vmware probe on a hub not a simple robot.

Please refer to:

vmware Performance, Stability and Response

Make sure the log at loglevel 5 doesn't show max query size exceeded.

VMware probe Error Failed to execute - max query size

Here is a sizing guide for the probe.

Check best practices and environment and hardware here as well as the 'known issues'...
and note that the vmware probe should be installed on a hub NOT a simple robot.


Sizing Recommendations for vmware probe:

1. Launch the probe with no VMs configured using 1GB RAM. i.e 1 GB for base probe with no devices
2. Get a count of the number of VM's on the vCenter you want to monitor.
3. Based on the count of VMs in the vCenter, add 330 MB per 1000 VM's.
4. For example, if you have 3000 VMs in your vCenter, then you need 1 GB + 1GB (i.e. 330MB*3) .That is your maximum memory you need for the VMware probe per vCenter. The rule-of-thumb to be followed is:

   (1 GB + 330 MB, per 1000 VM = Maximum RAM needed.)

Set your java heap min/max accordingly in the vmware probe.

Deactivate it, then Activate it,

Try again.