ViewPassword for all Target accounts
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ViewPassword for all Target accounts


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We are planning to upgrade our Primary Site which has  2 nodes in a cluster to latest version . We will add additional 3rd node to it ,so after upgrade we will have 3 nodes in our primary site . We will be following all steps  as per documentation . Our environment contains around 1800 password as of now . Apart from the steps mentioned in documentation , can I extract all passwords  before the upgrade  ? Just in case any one needs to login to their servers and i can provide login credentials to them.



Release : 3.2



If you have CLI ( PAM Command Line Interface ) enabled then you can use the  command as such

capam_command capam=capamServer adminUserID=admin cmdName=listTargetAccounts TargetAccount.userName=root

This will list all the Target accounts which has a username as root, if you want the output irrespective of the username name specified then use the command as below -

capam_command capam=capamServer adminUserID=admin cmdName=listTargetAccounts

This will list all the accounts for you, once you have the accountID's from above command you can use the viewAccountPassword as below -

capam_command apam=capamServer adminUserID=admin cmdName=viewAccountPassword TargetAccount.ID=5
reason="Power outage reason" reasonDetails="Recover Tuesday am"

Additional Information

Install and setup Credential Manager Remote CLI documentation link -

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