OWB Errors Encountered an improper argument - Working From Home
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OWB Errors Encountered an improper argument - Working From Home


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There is a user who is working from home and is receiving several errors in Open Workbench. 

The errors she receives are:

  • Encountered an improper argument
  • Encountered an improper argument. encountered while executing command
  • Cannot open filter definition file Encountered an improper argument..


Release : 15.6.1



Open Open Workbench from the desktop and validate that it loads the default view without any errors. Then, you should be able to export the Clarity projects from Clarity to OWB without any error.

Steps below: 

  1. Go to the Start menu and open Open Workbench
  2. Click on Cancel when prompted to login in Open Workbench
  3. Check that the default view loads in the Open Workbench window. It will appear as a tab titled something like ' Project1 - <name of view>'
  4. Close out of Open Workbench
  5. Go back to a project in Clarity and select one of the Open in Scheduler options to export the project to Open Workbench

These steps only need to be completed once, and the error will no longer occur any of the following times. 

Additional Information

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