Device Relations in CA SAM
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Device Relations in CA SAM


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Currently in the device_relations table we relate the physical servers and the virtual servers to the cluster, but we do not have the physical machines related to the virtual machines that it hosts. We currently need to reflect this relationship in CA SAM. How are these configured?


Release : 17.1



Virtualization types can be defined for device types and device relations types.

The device type determines which device relation types the device can be associated with. For example a device with a "partition" device type cannot be in a device relation of the type "is part of cluster", since this relation type is supposed to associate hosts and clusters as you can see in the representation above.

Similarly, before importing soft partition relations, you should make sure the virtual machines are associated with a virtual device type.

Device types

Each physical and each virtual system is created as a device with a corresponding device type. The device type needs to specify the appropriate Virtualization type defining whether the device is a Partition (Virtual machine), a Host, Cluster, or Processor pool.

The "is running on" relation in device relations is available, as is the "is part of a server pool" depending on which is more appropriate in your topology.