Input Assistant in Postcondition does not show all available Objects
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Input Assistant in Postcondition does not show all available Objects


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Automic Workload Automation
When we open a JobP and we try to enter  Postcondition-Action-Start Object-OBJECTNAME and we want to select one special Calloperator from our hundreds of Calloperators we get only exact 200 results and additional we cannot select a specific Calloperator when we enter the Name it is not in this list of 200 objects.


Release : 12.3

Component : Automic Web Interface


The maximum number of objects shown in the input assistant is limited by the parameter SQLVAR_MAX_ROWS which is located in UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS

This predefined system Variable (VARA) object is supplied in Client 0 and contains settings that apply throughout an entire Automation Engine system. This variable object can only be changed in Client 0.

Defines the maximum number of lines to be retrieved by Variable objects with the source SQL and SQLI.
Allowed values: 0 to 500000
Default value: 200
Restart required: N

Please note:
If you specify a very high value it may take longer to resolve Variable objects.

We can increase the value of that system parameter to be able to find more than 200 objects.

Additional Information

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