Changing IDB2 Alerts(Exceptions)
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Changing IDB2 Alerts(Exceptions)


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We have recently set up the CA Sysview for DB2 alerts to trigger and cut an API event for OPS MVS. However, some alerts are creating problems for our DB2 monitor. In particular we have a deadlock alert to monitor DB2 deadlocking. This number seems to be cumulative throughout the week (sysview data collectors are recycled on the weekends) and therefore pops the threshold for the entire week. Is there a way to change the alert so it is not cumulative? Also can we exclude certain databases for specific alerts? 


Release : 20.0

Component : CA Insight Database Performance Monitor for DB for z/OS


Yes you can change the alert by changing or picking up a different Exception Field Variables under identification panel for exception.
You can exclude certain database with the limit by SSID using the following field Subsystem name . . . . . . . ****