Error found in the program or procedure *LIBL/IUPDINTEG
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Error found in the program or procedure *LIBL/IUPDINTEG


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While using of AUSMODEL CM on AP2DEV AS400 system required NO interaction with PTC Integrity – no issue number was required as all of the functions were transferred to AP8UKDEV when the promotion to AUSINT environment ran, the functions were then checked out as <functionType>MV and linked to the AP8UKDEV AS400 system PTC Integrity issue.

In this case, the submission of any promotion using AUSMODEL CM now tries to contact PTC Integrity via the call to IUPDINTEG program and fails to find the object as its not in Y3SYCM.

When promoting and it is failing with the below error message:

Error found in the program or procedure *LIBL/IUPDINTEG


Release : 8.1

Component : CA 2E


Suggested from PTC Support Team:

Use menu option 42.
Environments for environment XAPPRD_P3 and change "Design rqs rqd in check out" to 'N'.
Do this for additional environments as well.