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Column Sorting Is Not Working as Expected for a Custom Calculated Attribute


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When trying to sort a column based on a custom lookup attribute, the order obtained is not the expected.

For example, with 3 values, such as 145, 232, 24, the expected order (sort ascending) is 24, 145, 232. However, the obtained result is 145, 232, 24.


The lookup is based in a 'Lookup - String', instead of a 'Lookup - Number', therefore, although the values appear to be just numbers, they will be alphabetically sorted (not numerically sorted).

The same way that these three words would be alphabetically ordered: east, Ed, eel; these three numbers are alphabetically ordered as well: 145, 232, 24.


Create a lookup attribute that is based in a 'Lookup - Number' instead of a 'Lookup - String' if the attribute only contains numbers.