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Message SECIN26E Bind failed, errno=1115 during CA LDAP startup. What is the problem?


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Starting CA LDAP, error message SECIN26E Bind failed, errno=1115, errno2=744C7247 pops up. What is the problem?


Component : CA LDAP Server for z/OS


The errno=1115 means that something is already using the address/port combination, or your TCP/IP setup is restricting the use of the STC to the IP address/port. If DEBUG was turned on, the STDERR file could show something like this:

daemon: bind(6) failed errno=1115 (EDC8115I Address already in use.)
slap_open_listener: failed on LDAP://:4389

The following can be done to determine if the port is in use.

If the selected socket address/port is in the range INADDRANYPORT + INADDRANYCOUNT, then the
socket address/port is reserved. Change INADDRANYPORT + INADDRANYCOUNT or select a different
socket address/port for CA LDAP Server.

To determine if the socket address/port 4389 is in use, issue the TSO command netstat (po 4389).

If the socket address/port 4389 is available you will see the following:

netstat (po 4389)                                                           
MVS TCP/IP NETSTAT CS V1R12       TCPIP Name: TCPIP           13:18:33     
User Id     Conn        State                                                
-------     ----        -----                                                 
To determine if the socket address/port 389 is in use, issue the TSO command netstat (po 389).      

If the socket address/port 389 is in use something like this will see display output:  
netstat (po 389)                                                                       
MVS TCP/IP NETSTAT CS V1R12       TCPIP Name: TCPIP           13:39:48 
User Id     Conn        State                                                
-------     ----        -----                                                
LDAPR15  00001740 Establsh                                             
  Local Socket:                                  
  Foreign Socket:                                 
LDAPR15  000002BA Listen                                               
  Local Socket:                                         
  Foreign Socket:                                           
LDAPR15  000002B9 Listen                                               
  Local Socket:   ::..389 (IPV6_ONLY)                                  
  Foreign Socket: ::..0                                                
TOMCAT   0000173F Establsh                                             
  Local Socket:   ::ffff:                          
  Foreign Socket: ::ffff:

For checking TCP/IP setup, IBM has knowledge documents.  Here is one url: