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Mac OS FireFox DLP agent plug-in does not appear under the extensions page in the browser


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


You have installed the DLP Endpoint agent for Mac, but no extension can be seen in the FireFox browser 'Manage your extensions' page
The agent was uninstalled and reinstalled.


Release : 15.5, Mac OS 10.15.x Firefox 74+



The workaround below is effective for individual machines:

  1. In Firefox go to about:addons Click the cog button next to 'Manage your Extensions'
  2. Select 'Install Add-on From File...'
  3. Navigate to /Library/Manufacturer/Endpoint Agent
  4. Select dlp-firefox-addon.xpi
  5. After that, it appears as a loaded extension.

To create an MDM profile for large-scale deployments see: how-to-enable-mdm-profile-for-firefox-pl