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Client Automation - Alert Collector do not execute Actions on Enterprise Server


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Alert Collector is installed on the Enterprise Server and configured to execute some actions for some alerts.
But the actions are not executed when alerts are received.
Why ?


Client Automation 14.0 All


In TRC_CF_[0-1].log there are these lines :

190420-17:02:23.2334902L|007664|00001df4|AlertColle|AlertColServer::|AlertColServer.cpp  |001425|NOTIFY | InstalledOnMgr() successfull. Alert collector running on EM
190420-17:02:23.2335230L|007664|00001df4|AlertColle|AlertColServer::|AlertColServer.cpp  |001432|NOTIFY | Invalid role specified for the alertcollector running on EM.
190420-17:02:23.2335500L|007664|00001df4|AlertColle|AlertColServer::|AlertColServer.cpp  |001433|NOTIFY | Defaulting to "Persist Alerts into MDB" role.

AlertCollector could have 4 different roles :

Persist Alerts into MDB
Persist Alerts and takes actions
Persist Alerts, takes actions and forward
Forward alerts

But on Enterprise only role "Persist Alerts into MDB" is supported.

If another role is set, Alert Collector switches automatically to role "Persist Alerts into MDB"

It is why alert actions (like sending of mail) are not done.

A solution is to install an Alert Collector on Domain Manager and configure it with role :
Persist Alerts, takes actions and forward

Alert Collector on Domain executes the actions and then forward the alerts to Alert Collector on Enterprise Server.