cannot delete or remove a CiscoVDCContainer
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cannot delete or remove a CiscoVDCContainer


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CA Spectrum


We have some CiscoVDCcontainer models we need to delete. The relaed Nexus devices are no longer in use and their models have been removed already. The "Delete" is greyed out for these Cisco VDC containers. 


Release : 10.2.1 & up

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Starting in Spectrum 10.2.1, CiscoVDCContainers get managed under Virtual Device Manager. After removing associated Nexus switches, there may be some stale associations preventing the delete of VDC model from Topology view. 


Access Virtual Device Manager and remove them from here:

If that still proves difficult, you can try removing the VDC using Spectrum CLI

#1. Gather model handles of each VDC you wish to manually remove. 
- go to Attributes tab of the VDC model
- look up "model_handle" and make a note of it

#2. Nav to <SPECROOT>/vnmsh and log into CLI


#3. Destroy the VDC models: 

./destroy mh=<model_h_of_vdc>

#4. Repeat as needed until the VDCs are manually removed. 

Additional Information

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